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Year-End Review | #MoveYourBusiness


As a catalyst for your career, for the first time we will offer optional Year-end Reviews as an opportunity to #MoveYourBusiness with us by objectively reviewing 2018 while setting + sharing goals for 2019.

While you may already do this for yourself, as trainers + coaches we know the benefit clients receive from an outside eye; we believe the same to be true for our professional practices.

In our experience, we've observed that Fit Pros who engage and share with others not only feel increased motivation, but also:

  • improve their accountability, 

  • hit benchmarks more frequently, 

  • build better schedules, 

  • strengthen self care, and 

  • stress less over the small stuff.

The next opportunity to take advantage of this option are on weekdays between Jan 11-18, then they won't be offered again until next year!

Chats will take 10-20minutes in-person.

You'll get a chart reflecting your sessions at Studio 26, which includes busiest and slowest periods, average sessions over the year, and projections of earnings, plus we'll help you articulate priorities to #MoveYourBusiness into the new year.

Once confirmed, we'll send you some questions to think about in preparation for your meeting.

Look forward to connecting,

Jared + Team Studio 26

PS Is this required? No! You can do as much or as little to #MoveYourBusiness as you want. We're always here as your Studio partner to be a catalyst for your career. Let us know how we can help!