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We host frequent events and workshops for
trainers and clients.


with Joy Karley

 Find more info  here  & if you're interested, register  here !

Find more info here & if you're interested, register here!

3D Pilates

with Blossom Leilani Crawford + Marshall Hagins

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Part I: webinar March 31st, 1-3pm, $150

Pat II: Studio 26, Sunday April 15th, 9a-4pm, $350

Early-Bird Special: $450 before March 15th!

To register, go here!

3D Pilates is a collaboration between two movement nerds: Blossom Leilani Crawford CPT, second generation Pilates teacher, and Marshall Hagins, PhD, PT. Combining the passionate curiosity of a Pilates teacher with the technical skills of a PT.  3D Pilates presents intelligent and organized courses expanding the ability of the Pilates instructor to see, describe, and cue motion in three planes while encouraging and supporting learning in a non-intimidating environment.

In this full day lab course you will learn how to identify the most common asymmetrical spinal movement preferences in 3 planes and how to provide practical, safe and concise cues to help correct or modulate those preferences to move the client to increased symmetry of movement potential. These strategies can be used for all clients regardless of ability or fitness level.

Part 1 of this two-part course is online instruction via several short videos teaching how to see and describe 3D movement of the spine, how to perform movement tests to determine your client’s spinal movement preferences, how to perform movement cues to address your client’s preferences, and how to integrate cues and modify Pilates exercises to move your client toward more symmetry. Part 1 can be used alone to inform your practice, although most participants find attending Part 2 provides real world practice and solidifies knowledge and skills in order to use the techniques immediately with clients.

Part 2 is a full day lab course with Blossom and Marshall.  Part 1 information is used as a framework as participants identify each other’s spinal preferences and practice applying the cues and principles to improve symmetry using a wide variety of Pilates exercises.

Madeline Black 5 Day Immersion

May 17 - May 21 @ 10am - 5pm

Madeline Black returns to NYC to offer an opportunity to work with her intensively at Studio 26 in NYC.

She will reference her book “Centered” and add advanced movement skills that create instant, positive changes in the body.

Experience first hand the Madeline Black “Centered” techniques, movement science in motion, and receive personal feedback that will deepen your capabilities as a movement specialist based in Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic®.

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