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  • Practitioner rooms: $30/hour

  • Personal Training: $30/hour

  • Pilates: $30/hour

  • Duet Sessions (Pilates) : $45/hour (off-peak); $60/hour (peak)

  • Duet Sessions (Personal Training) : $60/hour (off-peak & peak)

  • Same-Day Bookings : $40/hour (or an additional $10; pro-rated by modality/session length)


If a booking made for a training floor session needs to be cancelled, please supply at least 24 hours notice or it will be charged. If a booking made for a practitioner room session needs to be cancelled, please supply at least 48 hours notice or it will be charged. 

Any fees incurred as a result of bounced checks will be paid by the trainer or practitioner.


Sessions can be rescheduled during the same business day, space permitting.

Studio 26 Client Referrals

S26 rate = $35/hour for the first 40 sessions with you (on training floor), or the first 20 sessions (in practitioner rooms), then the rate shifts to the regular $30 rate. 


We encourage you to trade with fellow trainers/practitioners while being active within a window of three months. Only during off-peak hours, 11am-4pm. Trades must be scheduled in advance, space permitting. Any service (especially if in a practitioner room) can be voided by a paid session. There will be the option should a trade get voided for it to be rescheduled.


Allowed during off-peak hours (between 11am & 4pm), space permitting at a rate of $45/hour (Pilates); $60/hour (Personal Training). All Same-Day Duet rates will incur an additional $10 per client.


Allowed during off-peak hours, 11a-4p, space permitting; please be mindful of paid sessions and keep access to all equipment open for trainers working with clients.

Referral Credits

Refer a certified trainer/practitioner to Studio 26 and you will receive great incentives after they book sessions with us. Contact any team member for additional details.


For any week in which you book 11 or more sessions, we will reimburse your account 10% of what you paid for that week's sessions.


*The relationship between you and your client is very important to us. To empower this, we don't offer third party bookings. If you need another trainer to work with your client here, please put them in touch with the desk for registration, payments, and bookings.