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multiple looks in one gorgeous space:

Green Wall        Exposed Brick

        full Gym            full Pilates Studio

Studio 26 is the ideal spot for
time-saving production that allows you to create content on multiple platforms in minimal time. 

Wendy cover.jpg

Cover your needs with ease

Pilates Style needed a convenient, comfortable spot for their Cover try with on-air talent Wendy Williams on short notice and tight schedule to produce cover-worthy shots.  The shoot lasted less than 2 hours and their Team was able to complete not-only a fantastic cover image, but multiple inside pages for a complete piece.

Wendy inside 1.jpg

depth with no detail spared

With an experienced support staff,  the shoot ran smoothly despite starting late.

wendy quote.jpg

Amanda Altman, Producer

We worked intimately and extensively with the entire Pilates Style's Team to ensure a successful event, including Publisher, Executive Editor, Photo Producer, PR Team for both the magazine and talent, as well as the Glam Squad and assistants.  


Refinery 29 asked us to share our space with them to shoot a series of workouts for their page.  




Knowing what is needed + moving equipment around the space for shots ensured a smooth and successful shoot. 



Pull it together, we got your back! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.29.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.30.53 PM.png

Charlott'es Book.jpg

Charlotte's Book needed a space to to create an editorial on Amy Rosoff Davis: Actress, Celebrity Trainer and Producer! Thanks to an incredible team and the support of the Studio 26 family, this shoot took less than two hours. Amy + the Charlotte's Book team were able to use multiple spaces within the studio. These pictures show the versatility and creativity the space offers. 


Amy hung out at New York’s private Studio 26 and chatted about life, love, and (of course) beauty!


The possibilities are endless in such a beautiful setting: photos, editorial, events, workshops, continuing education classes + more! 

Uniqlo logo.jpg





Uniqlo popped in to shoot and produce "A Day In The Life" of Dani Seitz - A model turned Wellness coach - for their blog and print needs!