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Trainer/Practitioner Policies


To book a session, call 646-755-8125 or email

We require a copy of your up-to-date certification and insurance, as well as a signed Practitioner Rights and Responsibilities form from you in order to rent.   

We can schedule Pilates and Personal Training sessions at the top or middle of the hour;  we can only book on the :15 or :45 for Private Treatment Rooms.

Once confirmed, you're good to go. 


Sessions on the training floor are $30/hour.
Sessions in private treatment rooms are $30/hour and may be pro-rated in 15-minute increments.  
Half-day and Full-day bookings are also available for our private treatments rooms. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Please contact us for workshop, classes, photo/video shoots and private event pricing.


If a booking made for a training floor session needs to be cancelled, please supply at least 24 hours notice or it will be charged.
If a booking made for a practitioner room session needs to be cancelled, please supply at least 48 hours notice or it will be charged. 

In the instance of inclement weather and the MTA stops service and you or your client cannot make it to your session, exceptions to the cancelation policy will be made.


Sessions can be rescheduled during the same business day, space permitting.

Last-Minute booking

We’re happy to try to fulfill last-minute bookings, space permitting.  If a request is made when we're closed, please wait until a confirmation is received, otherwise your booking is not guaranteed.


We're happy to help you grow your practice at Studio 26. 
For clients we refer to you, the rate is $35/hour for the first 40 sessions with you (on the training floor), or for the first 20 sessions (in practitioner rooms), after which the rate adjusts to the regular $30 rate.


We encourage you to trade with fellow trainers/practitioners during off-peak hours, 11-4. Trades must be scheduled in advance, space permitting. Any trade (especially if in a practitioner room) can be bumped by a paid session - with the option for those who are trading to convert their trade to a paid rental to keep their appointment.


We schedule Duets during off-peak hours (and after 8pm evenings), space permitting. $45. 


During our off-peak hours, 11a-4p, we offer open-gym time for certified trainers, space permitting. Please be mindful of paid sessions and keep access to all equipment open for trainers working with clients.


Tell your friends about Studio 26! If you know a fellow trainer or practitioner who will be a good fit and benefit from what we offer, you can get a referral card from us at the desk. When they book their first 1-hour session in the space, you receive a free 1-hour rental! 


For any week in which you book 11 or more sessions, we will reimburse your account 10% of what you paid for that week's sessions.

Trainer/Practitioner Rights + Responsibilities

Using Studio 26 as a part of its community of trainers/practitioners, I have a right to:

  • Accessible equipment
  • A fair and clear rental policy
  • An encouraging and professional atmosphere

As a certified professional, my responsibilities to maintain the integrity of Studio 26 are:

  • To return equipment to its proper location
  • To only use equipment and methods in which I am certified
  • To be generous when sharing space and equipment with fellow trainers/practitioners
  • To respect scheduling needs by entering and exiting the training space and practitioner rooms on time
  • To respect the policies of the front desk, pay promptly, and notify the desk of cancellations as soon as possible in consideration of others
  • To keep a positive tone with clients
  • To be responsible for the safety and behavior of my client while using all facilities and equipment at Studio 26
  • To notify the desk if anything is found broken, worn, or needs replacement