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Life is Better Here.

Studio 26 enables fitness + wellness professionals to:

❤️  experience freedom in an inspiring space

🙌  belong to a community of experts

💰  make more money

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With structure to make independence less scary, we provide more than a pretty space.

Features & Amenities:

Personal Training

  • Rogue Power Rack with Olympic bars + landmine + Hex Bar

  • Matrix dual-Cable Stack with sport-specific handles

  • Free Weights: Dumbbells + Barbells | 10lbs-100lbs

  • Medicine Balls

  • Swiss Balls

  • Battle Ropes

  • fully adjustable bench

  • Ironwoody Bands, Therabands, Theratubes and more

  • Biomechanic + eco-friendly Cardio Equipment: Woodway Curve, Precor AMT, PlugOut electricity-generating Bike

Physical Therapy & Massage

Private Rooms are equipped with:

  • Adjustable Tables

  • Fresh Organic Cotton Linens

  • Assorted Tools + Props

  • Biotone Massage Creme + Oil

  • iPod/iPhone/MP3 Music dock

  • dimmable lights

  • adjustable thermostat for temperature + air control

  • "AirMaster" Carpet that cleans the air


  • Two Living Plant Walls

  • Welcoming + comfy reception area

  • Natural light everywhere

  • Luxe shower, towels & eco-friendly products

  • Trainer's Lounge to Recharge + Refuel

  • Private Changing Rooms

  • Digital Lockers

  • exposed brick

  • great vibe


Equipment by Balanced Body:

  • Reformers (Clinical, w Infinity Footbar)

  • Cadillacs

  • Wunda Chairs w split pedal option

  • CoreAlign

  • BAC discs, Functional Footprints, T Bar

  • Rotating Discs, SmartSpine and tons of other props