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Why I am a Gluten-Free Vegan and the blogs and documentaries that changed my life.

I love food documentaries. I’m obsessed with them. They are what I get hooked on on my Netflix. I watch them until 4 in the morning. They are my guilty pleasure. It’s through educating myself about the food industry that has turned my twenty something meat heavy diet into a mostly gluten-free veganish lifestyle.  This means I allow myself cheese, fish, and a bagel every once in a while but for the most part, I avoid them along with any other gluten or animal products. I’ve found that this is the diet that makes me feel the lightest, most energetic, and mentally and emotionally sound.

I season everything with yeast flakes (B12!), I drink a macro-greens mix everyday (, I try to fit in a green juice anywhere I can. I eat constantly throughout the day because my portions are smaller. I get fuller with less food at each meal and then eat whenever I’m hungry. I love how I can eat a mostly plant-based diet and never live in fear of overeating. If I just need to eat a bagel, I find the healthiest version of it and ask if they have gluten-free, if they don't, then I ask if they have spelt, if they don't, and I just need to get my fix, then I go with a whole wheat everything flagel.  Then I order it with veggie tofu cream cheese and then I move on with my life. Often times it's what I prefer and sometimes it takes discipline but it’s truly a lifestyle I feel so grateful to have discovered.

I used to eat meat everyday. I loved burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, barbecue, ribs, all of it. I tried to be a vegetarian once because I read an article about McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets that made me feel so nauseated anytime I looked at any form of edible meat. My first ventures into vegetarianism lasted only about a year because I ultimately craved the sensation of eating meat again, but it was after watching the documentaries Vegucated ( and Food Matters ( that something clicked in me for good.  I received the calling and I haven’t turned back.    

There are enough meat, dairy (cashew ice cream!), and egg substitutes out there that they're easy to replace. My tastes buds have changed and there are facts I can’t erase from my mind. All because of a doting pastime of watching documentaries and reading blogs. Rather than spout the information to you, I wanted to share the documentaries and blogs that really speak to me and have changed the way I eat.

All streaming on Netflix!

1) Vegucated (extremely powerful)

2) Food Matters (also extremely powerful)

3) Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

4) Ted Talks: Food Matters

5) The Beautiful Truth

My favorite blogs!

1) This Rawsome Vegan Life:

2) Betty Ming Liu:

3) Elizabeth Rider:

4) Simple Green Smoothies:

5) Thug Kitchen:

6) Gluten Free Vegan Girl:


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