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The Body Electric: Defining The Green Workout

What if you could cut your carbon footprint and get an amazing full-bodied workout?  What if you could not only use less electricity but use your body’s strength to create electricity?  What if this was all happening in an intimate skylit facility filled with other eco-friendly gestures and offerings?

Studio 26 is proud to announce the presence of Human Dynamo bikes as part of our sustainability-centered mission.  Not only will your conscience be clear riding these green bikes; your waistline is bound to shrink!  The bikes hold up to the challenge of providing a rigorous full-body workout as well as offsetting use of electricity for the building.  A rider can elect to use only the foot pedals or can add use of their upper body with the hand cranks.  A rare feature is that the bikes plug directly into a common wall socket and run on a FireWheel “FIGG” generator system, which slow’s the building’s electrical meter. Human Dynamo's founder Mike Taggett suggests "short sprints after warm up will get serious results and great cardio. Because the generator speed is fixed you can stress the muscles quickly."

Furthermore, reports that “some critics may argue that human pedal power isn't likely to replace large amounts of fossil fuels anytime soon, the technology surely can't hurt. It's possible that the psychological benefits could be substantial, particularly in getting people to think more about conservation (as they see how much effort it takes to generate a Watt), and to spur invention and investment in other alternative ventures.”

Elite cyclists can produce 350 actual watts while riding an exercise bike.  Considering the standard inefficiency of a generator, a person can ride a Human Dynamo bike for one hour and thus create 86 watts.  This means that they could provide energy for a laptop (60 watts), almost 9 cell phones (10 watts each), more than 3 compact fluorescent bulbs (25 watts each), but not quite power a medium-sized TV (125 watts). In a New York Times interview with Clark Williams-Derry, director for an environmental research center in Seattle named the Sightline Institute, Williams-Derry said that human power initiatives “show the kind of ingenuity that we’re capable of, and a comprehensive, smart climate policy would unleash lots of similar efforts.”

We are not alone!  Although greener workouts may not be considered mainstream yet or may be only a passing fad for some, Studio 26 is proud to join eco-friendly businesses who are centering their efforts for the longterm.  The Green Microgym (Portland, OR) and California Fitness (Hong Kong) are two facilities who are taking great strides to demonstrate their care for the environment.  Making the planet healthier makes us all healthier.