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Shelley Senter helps you find your balance

"The 'attainment' of poise is paradoxical in that we cannot hold onto it, we can only notice that we're holding and come back to a letting go of it all over again, which is really what life is all about - because holding onto a way of being in a world that's constantly changing will, over time, become exhausting and ineffectual. our mobility IS our stability, and our stability is our ability to move". 

-- Shelley Senter, notes from "Coming Back"


The year has truly begun. In the frenzy of planning new schedules, projects, and goals in the chilly weather, it is an important time to look inward and reflect. For trainers/practitioners that can mean looking at where your own body is, what your practice is, how you engage  with your clients and ways to reframe and refresh these pursuits. One wonderful opportunity is Shelley Senter's workshop on Alexander Technique that's coming to Studio 26 on Wednesday, January 30th, 12-3pm.

For her warm and welcome reunion with Studio 26, Shelley's three-hour workshop will introduce new information for the body and brain through observation, dialogue, partnering and hands-on work. The Alexander Technique can be a profound means of preventing injury as well as tapping into the deep messages that we transmit via our own systems through touch and language.  Former workshop participant Renee Jiminez Orona stated "I still use many of the cues that I learned in Shelley's workshop. They are relevant, simple and succinct. There is no doubt this workshop will help you grow your practice!"

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Come join us for our first 2013 Growing Your Pratice event, and get the year off to a great start!