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new GREEN cardio equipment: reduce your footprint and improve function

We’re plugging out! The PlugOut Bike is an upright, spin bike that sends electricity generated from your workout and sends it back into the building’s power system.

And totally unplugged: the sleek WOODWAY CURVE Treadmill is a completely human-powered and non-electrical treadmill that responds to your motion as you walk or run along its frictionless, contoured panels. This treadmill erases your carbon footprint and enhances your physical footprint.

The CURVE achieves a superior workout than traditional treadmills: it burns up to 30% more calories because the user is actually powering the running surface, thus engaging more muscles. Research studies have proven that users can reach cardiovascular and caloric expenditure levels similar to those achieved while running on conventional treadmills while merely walking on the CURVE. This coupled with improved biomechanics from its curved design mean the CURVE is fantastic for those who are getting back into running or who are struggling to stay injury-free as avid runners. Mark Verstegen, Founder and President of Athletes Performance, writes: “the treadmill allows us to improve the motor programming of our athletes by naturally getting the body to learn and experience foot interaction with the ground while providing instantaneous feedback.”

It’s your chance to walk, bike, and run into the New Year at Studio 26!