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It's not easy being GREEN...

We have a plant wall. We use human-powered machines. Our floors are made of bamboo. It's clear that Studio 26 has made a pledge to be eco-friendly, but here are some things about our commitment to being green you may not have known at a first or second glance... Pilates Reformers, Cadillacs, and Wunda Chairs: This Pilates equipment is all human-powered, and ours are made from a cut of wood that uses the most of the tree possible, reducing waste. The wood also comes from Forest Stewardship Council™ protected forests, promoting environmentally sensitive practices and stable growth for forests.

Yoga Mats: Our yoga mats are made from natural rubber, a natural resource that emits no toxins into the environment and is biodegradable. Medicine Balls: The medicine balls used in weight training at the studio are ECOWISE, meaning they are completely latex free, and emit no harmful toxins into the air. NEW! Woodway CURVE Treadmill: It's all human powered, and it's all fun. Reduce your carbon footprint while optimizing your workout. Learn more about the Curve here.

NEW! Plugout Cycle: This unique exercise bike generates energy for the whole building as it's used. See more about this energy-propelling bike here.

Elliptical: This human-powered exercise machine allows individuals to walk, jog or run with minimal impact on joints, and experience a full body workout.

Cork Blocks: Cork is a renewable, sustainable material, which comes from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree.

Foam Blocks: These Eco-Blocks are made of the highest quality, non-toxic material with no chemical odor. Our distributer says "To make these blocks, no halocarbon gases (e.g. CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs) or volatile hydrocarbons (e.g. pentane, isobutane) at any stage in the production of any of its polyolefin foams are used. Eco blocks are manufactured using a high pressure nitrogen gas process which produces a pure, chemically and biologically inert material."

Bamboo Floors: Bamboo is a green flooring product and sustainable resource. Towels: Our face and hand towels are also made of sustainable Bamboo.

Plant Wall: It's not only beautiful, but it filters the air in the space, making it a cleaner, greener, place to breathe and work out.

Reception Desk, Wall, and Hall : Our stable-like reception area is made from 107-year-old reclaimed wood that was recycled and made into functional furniture and decor for our space.

Prop and Cup Baskets: These baskets hail from the Green Leaf collection at Pottery Barn, which prides itself in creating products that are made with natural, sustainable, eco-certified materials.

Dot Wall: They're mod, they're cool, but did you know they're also made from Bagasse Pulp, which is 100% pre-consumer sugarcane waste with no chemical fillers or additives? Our Bagasse Pulp Dots are also compostable and biodegradable.

Skylights: Our studio is home to two beautiful sky lights, allowing us to rely on natural light for the majority of the day, minimizing our electrical usage.

Exposed Brick: From our shower to our open floor space, the original exposed brick architecture is made a functional aspect of the studio adding character and color, a detail we could have covered with more building materials, but chose to keep.

Wall Paints and Primers: The studio was painted with low-VOC paints and primers to avoid lead based paint and its toxicity for cleaner air quality.

Water-Heater: The water heater that regulates our shower and faucets is an EnergyStar appliance, one that minimizes the energy expended to generate warm water and the overall cost of energy in the studio.

Toilets and Shower: Our shower has an aerator and our toilets are low-flow, limiting our water usage.

Dyson Airblades: We're pleased to have this extraordinary Dyson product in our bathrooms. The Airblade limits our hand towel laundry, saving water. Its HEPA filter, anti-microbial coating, and energy efficient design make it a sanitary asset to our space.

Water: Our water spigots pour the alarmingly mineral-rich and clean New York City tap water.

FLOR: The modular carpet system that covers the floor of our practitioner's lounge is made entirely of recycled materials. And, when we decide we want a change or are done with our FLOR, we can mail all the pieces back to them at FLOR's expense, and they will recycle it into new FLOR materials.

Bolon Flooring: The rubber flooring in our practitioner rooms is made by BOLON GREEN, a company that has committed to energy-efficient production, the greenest of materials, and an ardent recycling policy. Any material that at present cannot be recycled is sent to BOLON GREEN approved energy recovery facilities.

Tire Mats: The mats we use to cushion the fall of weights and dumbbells are made from recycled tires.

Cups: We reuse our plastic water cups, washing them between each use to reduce waste.

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products: The studio space is poached with the very-green Mrs. Meyer's Geranium scent. From our air-fresheners, to our hand soap, to the gently fragrant candle on our front desk, we choose Mrs. Meyer's because all her products are made from natural essential oils, are biodegradable and packaged in recyclable materials, and are never tested on animals.

Lounge Chairs: These chairs in our practitioner lounge are completely eco-friendly in construction. Their frames are made from certified sustainable kiln dried hardwood, and the stuffing in their cushions is plant and soy based.

PURE Environment Cleaning Company: Our cleaning service prides itself in being a totally GREEN cleaning company, using green materials that are less toxic and more natural as they care for our space.

Linens: The sheets and massage table covers used by our skilled practitioners are 100% Organic Cotton.

Apparel: 30% of the profits we make from the sales of our Studio 26 gear are donated to the Children's Environmental Literacy Fund, an organization that promotes education about sustainability to students K-12. Learn more about CELF here.

Promotional Materials: All Studio 26 business cards and post cards were printed with the Brooklyn-based Rolling Press Company. Rolling Press is committed to environmentally friendly practices and ethical printing methods. They print with low VOC vegetable inks, use a chemical-free computer-to-plate production process, and print with wind power, a Green-e certified 100% renewable energy. We chose to print on 100% recycled and Forest Stewardship Council™ certified paper.

Batteries: The batteries used to power our resettable coded lockers, computer keyboard and mousepad are all rechargeable and will be used again, and again, and again...