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Growing Your Practice with Kuan Hui Chew

For the past 4 weeks, a group of 10 Pilates instructors met with master teacher Kuan Hui Chew each Saturday for two and a half hours in a unique workshop format. The clinic itself was comprised of its participants, Pilates instructors and movers in their own right, receiving a Pilates session with Kuan. These  sessions served as points of departure for discovery, discussion, and reflection. In experiencing Kuan's teaching first hand and witnessing the discoveries of others in real time, this intimate setting proved enlightening for all.

Here are some of the wonderful responses shared with the studio after the clinic's end:

"This has been my favorite workshop structure thus far. Pacing the [information and ideas], working in shorter spurts and looking at individual bodies and giving them some real time and focus made the experience more fulfilling, interesting, and effective."

"The more I learned the more I realized I needed to learn more and wanted to learn more. I put many things I learned into my sessions already."

"I want to keep understanding [Kuan's] thought process as she 'unravels' her clients--truly enlightening."

We hope you'll join us next time! Check out our Facebook page for a full recap.