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Growing Your Practice: Ribs Inspired with Madeline Black!

Studio 26's Growing Your Practice series presents Ribs Inspired with Madeline Black! Ribs Inspired Workshop Saturday, October 13, and Sunday, October 14, 2012 10am -5pm with break $425 for two-day workshop

In Ribs Inspired, Madeline Black will explore the rib cage and surrounding tissues and their effect on posture, movement and function. Each region of the thorax will be explored with an eye toward movement, breath, and organ function. Madeline will lecture on the effect of the thorax on the upper body, from arms to head; the lower body, from pelvis to legs; and, of course, the powerful relationship to the core. Learn how to mobilize and stabilize the ribs with specific verbal and hands-on cueing to integrate a client's newfound freedom in the thorax.

12 PMA CECs and/or 1.2 ACE CECs Studio 26's Growing Your Practice Series spotlights a unique interdisciplinary approach to developing your career by offering continuing education workshops taught by master teachers in the field.

TO REGISTER: Contact Studio 26 at 646.755.8125 or