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Growing Your Practice Fall 2012

As the year heads towards the holiday season and the close of 2012, we wanted to take a look back at our Growing Your Practice workshop series and reflect on the tremendous teaching that occurred over the course of the fall. The series was kicked off with a well-attended and interactive Runner's Workshop by the intelligent and athletic physical therapists of F Squared Physical Therapy, Paul Ochoa and Chad Woodard. Amanda Donis, a participant and Licensed Massage Therapist at Studio 26, shared that '[she] found the 2.5 hours with Chad and Paul useful, accessible, and functional.' She said that "for the layperson, it was the perfect proportion on easy to follow ideas while also offering some juicier details of pronation, internal rotation and hips during running." Amanda felt as though she could actually apply the concepts immediately to her own practice of running, and she said "it made [her] want to run more!" Growing Your Practice continued with an in depth look at the Pilates Wunda Chair. Renee Orona, one of the original teachers and developers of the Kane School curriculum, led six advanced teachers through the foundations of Wunda Chair exercise biomechanics, and how to re-infuse their teaching with the its use, one of Joseph Pilates' first pieces of equipment. Participants shared that they appreciated Renee's vast experience in the field, and her contributions to the evolution of the Pilates form. One practitioner shared that they were interested in the way that this particular workshop placed classical Pilates technique in a broader contemporary context.

The series finished out with a workshop from Pilates instructor and lecturer, Madeline Black. Ribs Inspired, a 2-day immersive study of the ribcage and its instrumental use in increasing functionality and mobility in the torso. Participants came from as far as Arizona and Georgia to study with Madeline, and Studio 26 welcomed many first timers to the space! Practitioners traded back and forth performing hands-on adjustments and practicing new techniques to teach their clients.

Stay tuned for Growing Your Practice 2013 featuring the return of 2012 favorites Madeline Black,  Shelley Senter, and others! More information to follow.