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Educating ourselves

To keep sharp so that you are given the best workouts and care possible, we constantly seek new information, techniques and best practices. Every now and then we'll blog about what we're seeing. Feel free to share this information, ask us questions, and get involved in the dialogue! PILATES: This past week Studio 26 co-founder Whitney Tucker attended the Pilates Method Alliance's 10th International Educational Conference ("A New Vision") in Long Beach, CA. For our Pilates fans, this week we'll share a couple highlights from her experience at the PMA.

From a Wunda Chair workshop with presenter Colleen Glenn, Whitney had the following observations:

The Wunda Chair could be considered the most advanced Pilates apparatus (compared to the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel, etc) due to it having the smallest base of support (so your body has to support itself more), there being no delineated choreographic sequence (ever try to run through a flow series on the chair?!), and because it was considered home equipment - to be used only after ample work with an instructor. It is advanced especially since the addition of split pedals.

FUN FACT: Interestingly, the Wunda Chair's design was inspired by 1800's Chinese acrobatic maneuvers and Joseph Pilates' goal was to have one in every hotel room!