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Eco-Friendly and EGO-FREE Yoga

A lot of people are talking about an article from this past week’s New York Times Magazine: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.” The article explains the injuries that can result from yoga practice and their correlation to physical awareness. The article's author asserts that injuries occur when yogis practice poses (asanas) without first listening to their bodies’ own limitations and capacities. We asked some of our yoga instructors at Studio 26 to weigh in on the article. Jenn Whittemore’s yoga practice has left her injury-free because she “stopped pushing and started getting curious.” Instead of forcing the postures, she focused on her body’s own uniqueness. Yoga can be adapted for all bodies, but if a pose doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t do it!

Jeffrey Duval talked about the yoga precept of non-violence known as Ahimsa. He said, “if you are hurting yourself, then you are not doing yoga.” Well said, Jeffrey.

Read the article here and let us know what you think!

We think what’s wrong with yoga isn’t yoga, but the egos that can go with it. Here at Studio 26 we are thinking about letting our egos go to get the best possible work-out: mentally, physically, spiritually.