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Earth Day Pledges from Studio 26

We asked our clients and practitioners to think about the small and large ways they can help improve the environment. Here's what some of of our S26ers said: For Earth Day 2012, I pledge to:

"take the stairs"

"use a non-disposable coffee cup at work EVERYDAY"

"recycle even in places where bins aren't provided"

"use fewer plastic bottles"

"by the end of summer I will have a compost bin set up at the house in Connecticut"

"convert Studio 26 files into digital formats"

"walk or bike to work 1 day/week"

"start showering with a partner"

"conserve water and not spend any money"

"use a reusable water bottle and bag for shopping"

"recycle and compost at home and bring that mentality to work also"

Thanks to all who shared their pledges with us. I'm excited to see how everyone modifies their life, even just a little bit, to keep the Earth a happy and healthy place for a long time to come. Let's do this!