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Earth Day Bike Challenge 2012

This past Friday, April 20th in honor of Earth Day, we asked the fellow businesses of 250 West 26th Street to join us in an all day bike-a-thon event at Studio 26. Our very special PlugOut Cycle plugs into a socket, but it puts energy back into the grid as it is used. We challenged everyone to help us try to power the bike all day long, each person riding for at least 15 electricity-generating minutes. With the help of friends from F2PT, Silberstang Lasky Architects, the International Fine Print Dealers Association, and members of the Studio 26 community, we were able to power the PlugOut cycle for 7 kilowatt hours. To put things in perspective, 7 kilowatt hours of energy is enough power to talk on your iPhone for about 2 hours. 10 kilowatt hours would power an iPad for 1 hour, or keep a CFL lightbulb lit for 1 hour. These figures simply remind us of the effects of energy usage, and the impact we can make to offset them.

Check out this video of Earth Day Bike Challenge 2012 highlights! Thanks to the Studio 26 community, Dan and Matt from Silberstang Lasky Architects, and Carla from IFPDA for being bike and camera ready. We hope to see you all again next year to beat the 7 hour 2012 record. Happy Earth Day.