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Building Your Own Business Model

You may have read the New York Times article about the recent boom of the Personal Training industry (and if you haven't, you can find it here). The article describes Personal Training as one of the fastest growing career paths, and one of the most demanding. Being a Personal Trainer means that you must be knowledgable about your subject, sociable with your clients, and physically capable of meeting the needs of your sessions. The Personal Trainers at Studio 26 are smart and inspired, and their clients keep coming back--they certainly meet the criteria for a New York Times success story.

The article also explains the often low-wages that Personal Trainers must endure from gyms and fitness centers that take as much as 75% commission from a single session. Studio 26 hosts freelance Personal Trainers and encourages them to promote their own business model: each trainer offers his/her own rates and packages, and we at Studio 26 charge everyone the same low rental rate. There are no memberships and there are no extra fees.

The article affirms what most trainers experience: "the [fitness] industry is mostly unregulated" -- and trainers often get the low end of the deal and major profits go to large fitness corporations and gyms. Studio 26 was designed by trainers for trainers to escape this pattern. We empower trainers to build their own clientele, develop their own practice, and make a livable wage!

According to this model (based on imagined session rates), a trainer makes more money seeing 10 clients per week at Studio 26 than seeing 20 clients per week at "Gym 3." In both scenarios, the client pays the same rate (here, $100). The low rental rate at Studio 26 allows a trainer to give you--the client--their full attention and energy, instead of worrying about seeing 8 more clients that day. We're trying to build a sustainable business by supporting our trainers' sustainable practices: a healthy, happy trainer helps foster healthy, happy clients. That makes a studio like us very happy.