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Trainer Profile- Kelly Connor

Kelly Connor currently has five S26 clients, two of whom have ‘graduated’, and a third who is 90% there. This means they’ve done 40 sessions, and will continue to work together. This is the type of referral program that works to help trainers and practitioners to build a strong client base. Studio 26 exists to empower trainers and connect them to the resources they need to grow and thrive. As Kelly says, “Studio 26 sets you up for success.”

How many private clients did you have before coming to Studio 26, and how many do you see on a regular basis here?

Pre-Studio 26, I had about six clients including in-homes. I was still working for a studio when I began renting at Studio 26. Through referrals from the desk, I now see about 15 clients (some more often than others). I have another 5 of what I like to call floaters. They travel a lot, but help to fill in the rest of my schedule. This being said, I no longer work for a studio, and I have my own business. I rent space and travel to client’s homes. This wouldn’t have happened so quickly for me without the support and referrals from Studio 26.

Do we make scheduling easy? And how does this help you manage your own scheduling?

Scheduling is VERY easy. The desk is friendly, fun, and responds to emails in a matter of minutes. They are always on top of it. I communicate directly with clients and that seems to be most effective for both parties. Then I relay the dates and times to the desk - giving me complete control over my schedule.

Does our payment method and tracking for S26 clients help you track your own business expansion and growth?

Payment at Studio 26 is a breeze. I choose to pay per day because I find that works best for me. The desk emails me the receipt immediately which allows me to stay organized on my end. The rental fees are comparable to other rental spaces in Chelsea - and probably less expensive overall in the Manhattan area. The difference is instructors and trainers get a lot more bang for their buck.

Compared to other spaces where you see clients, what does Studio 26 do differently?

The space is modern, clean, and absolutely gorgeous. The Balanced Body equipment is top of the line. The instructors, trainers and practitioners around me are at the top of their game. Oh, and there are more props and toys than I knew existed.

Looking further than the thriving plant wall, beautiful hardwoods, skylight and open floor plan, the support and friendly environment is what makes Studio 26 feel like home. It’s managed with the utmost integrity and offers workshops, seminars, and gatherings so that I can continue to grow my practice while networking with other like-minded friends in the fitness and wellness industry. I will forever refer friends and other fellow instructors to the studio because I know what it has to offer and most importantly what it has done for my business. Studio 26 sets you up for success.