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See Clients at Studio 26

Clients love Studio 26.
Rent space to build and grow your practice.

We exist to help trainers thrive.  Studio 26 was created for independent trainers and practitioners.  As a Pilates and Personal Trainer himself, founder Jared Kaplan knows first hand that fitness and wellness professionals' passion is to engage their clients, not adhere to the policies and politics of a large, corporate gym or employee-only studio. With a multi-disciplinary space designed to help you grow your practice, Studio 26 hosts sessions for an intelligent and inspiring network of trainers and therapists who are able to put their clients – and their passion – first.
Designed as a clean, safe and beautiful environment for you and your clients, you'll enjoy many benefits just by being here!

We’re a unique boutique Studio because:

  • We are high-quality. Limited sessions per hour mean you’re free to do your best work in a high-quality space with state-of-the-art equipment. Focused fitness is more fun.
  • We help your wallet. By flipping the old financial model, we enable you to set your own rate with clients. Simply pay a flat hourly fee. We also offer volume discounts, rewarding your commitment with stability and growth. Agency empowers all.
  • We inspire community. Connect and network with peers in our frequent trainer parties, healthy-snack days, wine + cheese community nights, and special events. We have a constellation of first-rate trainers/practitioners to learn from, practice with, and receive referrals from. Sharing what you do enhances its meaning in your life.  
  • We integrate health. We created the healthiest indoor fitness/wellness space we know: Breathe deeper thanks to our oxygenating living wall, move better with biomechanically-minded and human-powered equipment, and sustain yourself in a space designed with you in mind. "Healthy space, healthy body" isn't a mere catchphrase - it's reality.
  • We enhance intelligence. We host and produce Continuing Education workshops (like our Grow Your Practice series, CHEK Institute courses, and Balanced Body workshops) with an expanding matrix of multi-disciplinary masters to inspire trainers and practitioners to be at their best. Educate to expand and excel.
  • We see you. As an independent space we care about you being yourself in a shared environment with other like-minded peers. Your clients will love you for it, and new clients will be happy that they found you here.
  • We hook you up. Our Referral Program connects trainers/practitioners with clients looking to work with someone. New connections, long-term relationships.
  • We move you. Practice what you preach with some much-needed motivation or walk the walk and restore your own body. During off-peak hours, you can trade sessions with others or use Open Gym time for your own workout. Happy body, happy life.

To schedule a tour of the studio, or to learn more, call us at 646-755-8125 or Contact Us