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About Jared

Jared Kaplan founded Studio 26 with a brighter vision for existing gyms and studios.  A native New York City boy with a country heart, Jared spent his post-college years as a dancer in San Francisco and New York, performing on some of those cities most prestigious stages. Along the way, he recognized how design alters physical performance, people, and perception.

Pilates and Personal Training came naturally as vehicles to practice the profound physical transformations and healing he'd experienced while training and recovering from his own injuries. However, the working spaces he found for trainers were anything but conducive to health, whether because of stifling corporate policies or poorly integrated interiors cluttered with machines and disorganization. 

A chance encounter with the visionary manifesto “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things” opened Jared's eyes to the potential for a new type of space. It would promote holistic changes for not just your body, but also your living/working environment, community, and city. He dreamt of integrating his eco and movement interests, and of a gym where green design was applied everywhere. As a healthy space for a healthy body, it would highlight the trainer/client relationship to put clients first. As an enticing workspace for passionate professionals, a strong community could grow around it. Studio 26 was born.  

Jared is sought after as a teacher, trainer, and eco-entrepreneur. He continues to advance his studies with the brightest minds in movement and rehabilitation, including Madeline Black, Jean-Claude West, Paul Chek, Dr. Guy Voyer and Gil Hedley.